Recreation firm faced steep growth challenge post-pandemic

Conduit content optimization generated 191% increase in page traffic

increase in
170 %

page traffic resulting in over 500K page view growth in 10 months

sales growth
10 %
over all time high during the pandemic

A leading US-based recreational equipment manufacturing firm had hit record growth during COVID, but in the post-pandemic world, this growth had ground to a halt.

To rival their peak sales, the company needed to significantly increase traffic growth to their product detail pages.

After a comprehensive analysis of the company’s performance, Conduit Brands identified over two dozen of the highest non-branded keyword searches by volume and relevancy. New, effective content optimized their product detail pages for organic search.

In just 10 months, the brand saw a 191% increase in page traffic and a 500K boost in page views, with sales growth to match.



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Recreational firm boosts traffic 191%

Recreational equipment manufacturer needs traffic growth post-pandemic. Conduit Brands identifies non-branded keywords and optimizes product pages for a 191% increase in page traffic and sales growth.


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