Middle-market portfolio CPG company struggled with Amazon growth and compliance

Conduit ecommerce portfolio management created 12x topline growth

topline growth
0 x

in three years with annual revenue tipping $10MM 

50 %

in Amazon-assessed fines resulting from catalog assessment and corrective action 

15 %

in glance views, with over 5MM annual glance views (overdelivering target by 1MM) 

A middle-market niche CPG company’s brick and mortar retailer distribution had stalled.

They saw Amazon as a channel for growth, but their current efforts in that arena were stagnant and they didn’t know why or how to remedy the issues. In addition, their catalog had been assessed multiple fines, POs weren’t shipping in full, and forecasting was challenging without knowing the right inputs. The company lacked the resources or capital to invest in ecomm internally.

Conduit Brands implemented a disciplined three-point plan: 


Catalog assessment and clean up.

We corrected item set-up errors, placed items in the correct categories, and cleaned up pricing errors.


Product detail page content assessment.

We updated their underutilized image carousel with new images and better branding communication points. Their page copy was revamped with descriptive, keyword-rich text.


AMS strategy development.

We increased brand awareness by utilizing keyword search placement on platform advertising.

Within three years, the company saw 12x topline growth, a huge decrease in Amazon-assessed fines, and nearly 2.5MM additional annual glance views. 

Conduit Brands treats my business like it's their own. They worked to understand our operation holistically and built Amazon growth strategies that work within our resources, both human and capital.

Portfolio General Manager



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