amazon portfolio management.


Amazon is a wonder. Brands can be taken to exponential heights on this juggernaut of a platform.

Yet, it’s one thing to say, “I want to sell my product on Amazon.”

And it’s another thing to ask, “HOW do I sell my product on Amazon?”

Conduit  Brands® was engaged by a remarkable company with fantastic products. They approached us with a desire to take their sales to the next level – but they just didn’t know where to start. To launch the collaboration, we delivered a topline analysis pointing to 3 main issues:


the current catalogue was not providing clear benefits or distinction between the product offerings


the product page experience was not engaging the consumer, nor was it optimized for the search engine


their products were not showing up in top 3-5 search results due to a lack of keywords, in conjunction with a lack of targeted media spend

the work.

The Conduit® Brands team leveraged our extensive Amazon experience to reinvent the client’s strategy on the platform.

better science.

We leveraged our ability to identify, dissect, and extrapolate the outcomes of search terms and search habits - and applied these search insights to drive page views and conversion.


We significantly elevated the consumer experience by developing enhanced brand and product content, as well as polishing the overall aesthetic of their multiple Amazon pages.


We developed/implemented a marketing strategy to drive topline search results in a competitive marketplace, resulting in increase click through rates and conversions.

the results.

The outcome was indeed impressive. Here are the stats.

+ 0 %
3 Year CAGR
+$ 0 MM
2 Year Sales Growth
+ 0 %
Average Brand Growth
+ 0 %
Fastest Growth Brand
#/Brands with annual sales >$1MM

While every client’s situation differs, when it comes to achieving their goals on Amazon, they share many of the same challenges. Here at Conduit® Brands, we maintain deep knowledge of all the nuances of this platform, and will  be an unwavering ally in your quest to take sales to the next level.