sales & distribution.
avoid a cookie-cutter approach.
even if you’re actually selling cookies.

we like the pressure
of having to figure it out.

As they say, this isn’t our first rodeo. In reality, only one Conduit staff member has been to an actual rodeo, but you get the idea. Your brand deserves exponentially more than the traditional, expected approach to sales, distribution and warehousing. With exhaustive experience regarding what works and what doesn’t, we’ll guide you through the most effective channel strategy for your brand. And we’ll execute it precisely. This is an ongoing collaboration to foster profitable and sustainable distribution.

meticulously executed

Yes, this can be intimidating. But that’s why we’re here – with a disciplined process and approach, we’ll drive traffic and create conversions. It will happen. As your e-Commerce department, we’ll keep at it for you, more than happy to do the heavy lifting. Following comprehensive strategy development, you’ll be afforded content and image creation continually optimized, and expert on-platform marketing and promotion.

Executional platforms:

believe it.

Would you like to see your product on shelf next to the industry titans?
(that’s a rhetorical question)