Driving HBC Sales in Grocery with Instacart Media .


A Health & Beauty Care client approached Conduit® Brands with a not so uncommon issue. Sales were flat, eCommerce in general was on the rise, but they simply didn’t know how to navigate the e-commerce space.

They were facing retail obstacles in brick & mortar, that we were all too familiar with:


the brand wasn’t receiving quality trade promotion within the Food Channel


price reductions at shelf didn’t drive incremental sales


category sales ranking was dropping in key retailers for specific SKUs

the work.

We identified the ideal opportunity to put our client on the path to achieving desired sales growth in the e-commerce space.

We introduced the brand to Instacart media, and, subsequently:

*DEVELOPED INSTACART CAMPAIGNS via a test-pilot approach to assess efficiency and refine executions

*IDENTIFIED BUDGET ALLOCATIONS defined by campaign strategy and retailer

the results.

Sales Were

0 %

Incremental in First 4 Weeks
(Selling 4,129 Units)

Total Impressions Served


% of Budget Utilized 

0 %

In Other Words Came in 55% Under Budget



Average CPC


Media Cost Efficiency 

+ 0 %