Amazon AMS Performance.


Amazon is indeed an unequaled place when it comes to brands being discovered. Yet, it has become a pay-to-play platform with sponsored media being an extremely effective tool for driving consumer traffic to brand detail pages.

And, understanding how the bidding process works and getting started is often a daunting task for brands.

In this context, we collaborated with one of our clients on this platform, and their brand has since experienced tremendous returns on sponsored media.

Here was the situation, as an overview:

The client was initially equipped with the bidding tools but didn’t maintain the staffing resources required for this initiative

Our client also understood, in general, the path to AMS execution, but wasn’t versed in the nuances of the platform

Was searching for a transparent partner to act as a trusted guide

the work.

 We’re always thrilled when we can lend comprehensive expertise in an area such as Amazon AMS.

Helping a client maximize their budget in a way that not only bolsters the bottom line, but also educates them on how to experience success in future endeavors tells the Conduit Team that we added great value.

Here’s what we did:

Prioritized the client’s brands within their portfolio based on economics, scale, and keywords

Instituted an “always-on” media plan using automated bidding tools to achieve our targeted average cost of sale

Created multiple types of campaigns to market both offensively and defensively, as well as target both head & tail keywords

the results.

The outcome was indeed impressive. Here are the stats.

AMS Attributed Sales

$ 0 MM

in 8 Months

Average Cost of Sales

0 %

Improved ACoS

0 %

% of Budget Spent

0 %



Grew AMS Attributed Sales from 0% to

0 %

in Under 12 Months